BLM’s Co-Founder, Patrisse Cullors, is on the hot seat after reports from different sources confirm that she had been on a shopping spree, spending $3.2 million on high-end homes. Usually, this kind of report is never met with much criticism. People tend not to dive into people’s personal lives unless they are an A-list celebrity. However, Cullors is in a different position from most people. She is a self-described Marxist that has been vocal in her so-called fight against elitism and privilege, white privilege to be exact.

This comes on the heels of growing suspicions amongst African Americans and even non-black BLM supporters who now question where the millions of dollars raised for Black Lives Matter has gone and why has it not been put towards the African American community?

What really has put Cullors on the hot seat in the black community is the timing of the revelation of her home shopping spree, which came when demonstrators are clashing with Minneapolis police in the wake of the shooting death of Daunte Wright.

Cullors is facing backlash from her fellow comrades within BLM. Black Lives Matter of Greater New York chair Hawk Newsome, who questions how much Patrisse Cullors has contributed to charity. READ FULL ARTICLE FROM YAHOO NEWS

Conservative author, and commentator Candace Owens made a guest appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, in which Owens ripped into Patrisse Cullors.

She is a Marxist…Marxists steal money from other people and they enrich themselves… She has stolen money from other people on the pretext of a lie that is black lives matter and she has enriched herself and she has bought four homes.” Owens said.

Watch Full Video

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